ARC Energy Facilities Department

ARC Energy Facilities Department specializes in providing the Energy Industry with solutions for upstream, midstream, and down-stream facilities. Our team handles equipment from Amine Gas plants to Micro LNG facilities.

What We Do?

We Design Equipment to Process Your Energy!
ARC Energy Facilities Department helps our customers, partners, and team design solutions for Energy Facilities.
Answers questions, manages projects, develops proposals, performs quality control,
and maintains communication with our Customers and Team.

How Can We Help?

ARC Energy’s experience and knowledge allows us to provide quotes accurately and quickly on (but not limited to) the items & facilities below.

Amine Treating Plants

Refrigeration Plants

Cryo Plants

Stabilization Units

Early Production Facilities

Fuel Conditioning Skids

Flared Gas Solutions

LNG Facilities

Wellhead Facilities

Offshore Production Facilities

Power Generation Facilities

Liquid Treating Facilities

Dew Point Plants

Gas Processing Facilities

Metering Facilities

Water Treatment Facilities

Compressor Stations

Storage Facilities

CNG Facilities

Gas Dehydration Facilities

Facility Modularization

Oil Treatment Facilities

MOPU Facilities

Terminal Facilities

Gas Treatment Facilities

Compressor Stations

Topping Plants

Membrane Units

Nitrogen Recovery Plants

Sulphur Recovery Plants

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