Service & Supply

ARC Energy Service & Supply Department

ARC Energy Service and Supply Department utilizes a local approach to provide the energy industry with services and supplies.
Our team works with our customers to get them flowing and keep them flowing.

What We Do

We provide expert service teams to maintain and repair your equipment.
Strategic inventory is maintained so you can process energy!

How Can We Help?

ARC Energy’s experience and knowledge allows us to provide quotes accurately and quickly on (but not limited to) the items below.

Project Management

Burner Management Systems

Commissioning & Startup

Trouble Shooting

Sourcing Parts


Start Up

Maintenance Programs

Fisher Controls

Fisher Valves

Kimray Valves

Kimray Parts

Kimray Pumps

Glycol Pumps

Dump Valves

Actuated Ball Valves



Vessel Inspection

Firetube repair

Glycol maintenance programs

Glycol reclamation

Acid Wash

Meter Runs

Control Valves

Level Controls

Back Pressure Valves

Filter Replacement

Field repair to ASME Code

Repair Vessel Internals


Fuel Scrubbers

Flare Systems

PSV Testing

TEG Specialist

Glycol Technician

Dehydration Specialist

ASME Code repairs

National Board R Stamp

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