Environment, Social & Governance
Optimizing Earth’s Resources Through Responsible Equipment Solutions
Our Mission is committed to developing resources responsibly and successfully, with positive contributions to the world.

We believe the continued integration of ESG commitments and practices will further strengthen our business for the long-term.

ESG is a continuous process of aligning our operations and controls with our Mission as a company.

Our ESG commitments are structured around four key areas relevant to our business:
Our Products, Our People and Communities, Our Environment, and Our Governance.

Our Products:

We commit to provide safe and essential products and services to
The Global Energy Market.

Our Environmental Impact:

We offset our environmental impact by reconditioning equipment. We also upgrade equipment to current industry best practices for processing fuels with the most efficiency and least amount of waste. Our commitment drives our product development, our processes and most of all, our performance of environmental responsibility.

Our Social Impact:

Our social impact starts with our commitment to our people. We value our relations, health and safety and general well-being for each individual. We are also engaged and committed to charitable initiatives to impact our communities.

Our Governance:

We have a board of directors to better ensure compliance and checks and balances. Additional company investments have been made such as in-house human resources and legal support to safeguard the trust for our company and customers.

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