ARC Energy Equipment Department

ARC Energy’s Equipment Department handles the needs of our Customers and Team;
from fuel gas separators, piping, scrubbers, to 100 mmscfd JT Plants.

What We Do

We Design Equipment to Process Your Energy!
ARC Energy answers questions, manages projects, develops proposals,
performs quality control, and maintains communication with our Customers and Team.

How Can We Help?

ARC Energy’s experience and knowledge allows us to provide quotes accurately and quickly on (but not limited to) the items below.

3 Phase Separators

2 Phase Separators

Separator Packages

Gas Scrubbers

Vent Scrubbers

Suction Scrubbers

Slug Catchers

Free Water Knock Outs (FWKO)

Water Skimmers

Heater Treaters

Glycol Dehydration Packages

Glycol Reboilers

Bubble Cap Glycol Contactors

Packed Glycol Contactors

Sulfatreat Towers

Liquid Scavenger Systems

Air Fin Coolers

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Sand Separators

Indirect Fired Line Heaters

Filter Coalescers

Filter Separators

Charcoal Filters

JT Skids

Amine Plants

Bullet Tanks



BTEX Systems

Miscellaneous Pressure Vessels

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