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ARC Energy Filtration Solutions – STANDARD OR CUSTOMIZED Filtration Vessels, ARC is your GO-TO Source for Filtration Vessels

ARC, your GO-TO Source for Filtration Vessels.  You can always count on ARC Energy Equipment for an experienced and professional solution with the industry best pricing and lead times for your project needs.

Horizontal Filter Separators

ARC can build or recondition single/dual boot horizontal filter separators containing 0.1 micron filter elements which are used for the removal of small particles such as dust and rust. These filters handle gas capacities up to 321 M MSCFD at 1400 PSI. We also provide filters containing 0.3 micron elements which are used for heavier substances such as the removal of lube oil and other contaminants that handle gas capacities up to 221 MMSCFD at 1400 PSI. 

Standard filter elements includes molded fiberglass media to remove solids and able to efficiently coalesce free liquids for second stage removal.  

  • Standard elemental materials include Polypropylene, Polyester, Micro-Fiberglass, or Cellulose Synthetic media packs bonded to plated CS end caps. 
  • Medias are also available with SST hardware. 
  • Recommended Operation Limits: Operating Temp Range= -60 to 275° F Recommended DP= 12-15 psi. “

Vertical Filter Separators

For your finite coalescing needs ARC can supply you with a reverse flow unit. Their primary function is liquid aerosol contaminants removal. Their secondary function are special elements with an inner filter to allow this vessel to filter solids as well. The flow is inside to outside and typically downstream of important process equipment such as compression to filter lube oil droplets and downstream of glycol contactor to reduce glycol losses.

Standard filter elements includes molded fiberglass coalescing media, a cellulose support, and a polyester drainage layer.

  • Plated steel end caps and cores are standard but stainless steel and synthetics are available. 
  • A heavy duty outer support prevents element failure in high differential upset conditions.
  • A needled polyester drainage layer ensures high drainage rates. 
  • Recommended Operation Limits: Opt Temp Range= 60 to 300° F Recommended DP= 12-15 psi.
Key Benefits

Achieve single-source design, parts, fabrication, installation, startup and production facility leasing or purchase under one entity. 

We have a long standing reputation for providing top quality equipment, at a lower cost, and with quicker delivery than our competitors, all backed by an industry leading 12-month warranty. 

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals have and do deliver the highest quality equipment for worldwide projects.

We deliver a custom filter solution for each requirement. With one of the most diverse product lines in the world, our filtration products and services are designed to provide the highest consistency and quality, compatible with any service. We understand that emergencies happen and we prepare to react to these quickly for our customer partners. We are available 24/7.

We take pride in delivering environmental solutions to the oil and gas industries to clean, recycle and reuse the waste streams generated in these industries.  Arc Energy are flexible in our ability to partner with our customers and bring our products and services to market, while being robust enough to handle your largest and most remote projects. We work tirelessly to understand the needs of our partners as a valuable resource in their process and water management solution. We would like the opportunity to be your solution.

  • Flexible Leasing and Rental Contracts
  • Trailer Mounted Units are Available to Provide for More Mobility
  • Start-Up Assistance with ARC Service Personnel
  • Helps meet Engine Fuel Specifications
  • Decreases Wear and Tear on Engines
  • Decreases Fuel Gas BTU
  • Minimizes Engine Downtime
  • Reduces Operational Emissions
  • Enhanced safety 
  • More Cost Effective
  • Simple and Safe Maintenance
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  • Repair of Customers Packages – (Any Brand)
  • Rental, Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Field Service – Repair and Trouble Shooting
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